Dr Farshid Mir

About me:

Welcome to my professional website. My name is “Farshid” (please note that the letter ‘r’ should be pronounced, although a bit difficult for some). It is a Persian name meaning “Shinier than Sun”.

Early life:

I was the second born child in a middle class educated family in Tehran. My father was a senior accountant employed by Iranian Treasury department and my mother had a bachelor in Chemistry and employed by Department of Transport.

In the early years of my life, I was a quiet and rather shy boy for which my mother adored me a lot! Compared to my elder brother who was very active, social and smarter (hate to say!) and causing a lot of trouble for my parents.


I studied in local primary and middle schools (middle school is equivalent of year 6-7-8 in Australia, as Iranian curriculum is adapted from French curriculum), and always stood as first or second top student in my class (with an average grade of 19.5/20 which equals to A+).

During those years I was always interested in Science especially in the field of Astronomy. You could find me in my room reading Isaac Asimov’s books or Arthur C Clarks’s novels for hours.

I was not a very active child and loved FOODs especially the ones that my mum cooked!!! Therefore my mother had to push me to exercise or enroll me in sports classes which I hated.

When I entered high school (which is equivalent to year 9), my world changed a lot. I was enrolled in one of the top high schools in Tehran famous for its highly disciplined and tough educational environment. That helped me a lot to focus and converge all of my abilities and talent as I had to compete with some of the brightest students across the capital.

The principal assigned the top students (the students who got the best resulting the high school entrance exam) into a class with a special 4-year curriculum in order to prepare us for the national university entrance exam (adapted from the French university examination “CONCOURS”) which is held at the end of year 12 (imagine that I was just enrolled in year 9!).

It was real educational military training for me. Waking up at 5 am and hurrying to school to take the 6:30 am exam EVERY SINGLE DAY! The only staff present at that time were the PRINICIPAL and the school janitor.

Those 4 years passed so quickly and I could crack the Concours exam with a very high ranking (19th among about one million candidates). Therefore I was at liberty of being able to choose the best university and the best subject which I selected DENTISTRY course in Iranian National University (as prestigious as ANU in Australia) which had one of the best dental schools in the region!

So, I was ranked the first in the country among all the students who were enrolled in Dentistry across the country. Those days I was treated as a VIP both at home, with family and friends and also in the dental school. Dental students looked at me as if I was an alien!!! They did not see those days that I had to study hard for 17 hours a day and the stress that my family and I endured.

Tertiary education:

The 6 years period in dental school was very pleasant at beginning but gradually became tough as it approached the end. Tutors were very strict and expected high quality treatment be provided to our patients. I graduated with a distinction degree.

Then, I completed my 2 year compulsory military service in Army for which I was deployed to a city called “Mahabad” in the North Western part of Iran while preparing my self for the post graduate residency exam (equivalent to doctor of clinical dentistry course in Australia).

Due to my special interest in science, physics and chemistry which had been mixed with the knowledge of dentistry, I decided to choose Restorative and Aesthetic Dentistry specialty course in Mashad University ( the second largest city in North Eastern Iran). It was a 3 year full time course and the dentists will enrich their core knowledge and clinical skills in restoration of teeth and performing cosmetic dental treatments and smile makeovers.


I met my beautiful wife (Dr Shahrzad Nazari) in the first year of my residency program and soon fell in love with her. We married soon after graduation and moved to a city in Western Iran (Hamedan) where we established our joint surgery and also lecturing as assistant professors in dental school.

We decided to relocate to our hometown, Tehran, soon after our son was born and we continued our specialist joint practice there.


In 2014, we did the BIG MOVE to Canberra, Australia after granting the permanent skilled visa, as I had a job offer and my uncle was living there. I enjoyed the beautiful bush capital of Australia with its freezing cold winters and bright sunshine for three years. Then, my wife started her course specialty in Endodontics in UWA and since “ A MAN BELONGS TO WHEREVER HIS WIFE LIVES” we all moved to Perth, WA.

Currently, I work at Teeth by Two in Perth WA alongside my wife. My practice is mainly focused on cosmetic dentistry, in particular teeth whitening to improve and enhance the appearance of teeth especially in the smile zone (usually the 6-8 front teeth), and management of worn dentition.