When attempting to invest in something significant, such as a car or an expensive device, it is natural to seek a return. To obtain the most value for your money, you must consider your lifestyle, your ability to make monthly payments, the size of your garage, and many other criteria.

The same is true if you want to invest for your health. Considering the fact that the health of your teeth plays an important role in your overall wellbeing. When you have an infected tooth and need to have root surgical procedures, you will likely be referred to an endodontist, a dentist with specialized training in preserving severely damaged and infected teeth via root canal treatment. However, there is more to locating a qualified endodontist than just searching on the web.

7 Qualities to Look for in your Endodontist performing surgical procedures

Here are important characteristics to look for when comparing different endodontists and finding the best expert to save your tooth:

1. Well-Trained

Endodontists are dentists who undergo an additional three years of education after graduating from dental school. The medical and dental science is constantly evolving with development of new technologies and materials, so your Endodontist should keep themselves up to date with these new techniques and science in order to provide the highest quality of care for you.

2. Patient-Centric

Endodontists have been trained to diagnose and manage the pains in the oral and facial region. Actually they are experts in pain management. They are like detectives who able to find the root cause of pain which is very difficult to diagnose especially in patients with complex underlying medical conditions who suffer from conditions like chronic fatigue which can mimic facial and dental pain.

A skilled endodontist prioritises his/her patient’s comfort and their top concern and strives to provide them with a painless dental treatment.

3. Adaptive

The science of root canal treatment has seen tremendous and continual scientific advances during the last few decades. Today, all endodontists must be expert at utilising new instruments that make the dental treatment as quick and simple as possible, with higher favorable treatment outcome and at the same time with minimal discomfort for patients.

4. Extensive Experience

In comparison to general dentists who perform very few root canal procedures, endodontists’ practice is limited to root canal procedures only and they may perform up to 30 root canal treatments on average per week. Most of the cases they treat are very difficult ones which general dentists were not able or qualified enough to perform so that they referred the patient to their preferred endodontist. This will cause that endodontists become highly skilled in dealing and managing various obstacles in the treatment and develop exceptional expertise in overcoming them.

5. Well-Connected

Consider entrusting an endodontist with a solid community reputation. Endodontists are required to collaborate with general dentists and other dental specialists. This means that, if necessary, the endodontist not only accept referrals but may refer their patients to other dental specialists in order to provide them with a comprehensive dental care.

6. Problem-Solver

Endodontists specialize in saving teeth which general dentists are not able to save. This is why we refer to them when we experience severe, unexplained dental pain or other complex dental issues.

It is the responsibility of the endodontist to identify the underlying cause of the problem and find the ideal treatment to restore the tooth to it’s healthy state. The right experts can save teeth with severe decay and other diseases. Endodontists will use their vast knowledge with advanced technology to perform the best treatment for complex dental procedures.

7. Personality

What good are training and skills if you are not comfortable with the individual who will handle your dental pain? It is crucial for a health professional let alone one who will take a sophisticated procedure like endodontic treatment not to lose focus and remain calm during dental treatment.

In addition, they must be able to put all of the patients’ concerns at priority when planning their treatment. Root canal treatment can evoke the worst thoughts and fears in patients’ minds. The endodontist must properly provide reassurance to deal with the problem without other complications arising.

Why Consult an Endodontist?

Nobody enjoys going to the dentist; some even put off their regular dental cleanings just because they are hesitant. But you need to know that if you have a toothache, there is something wrong and you need to see a dentist ASAP.

Once you begin experiencing discomfort or feel that your tooth is sensitive to heat and cold or chewing, seek help immediately, before you experience symptoms such as swelling around the teeth, gums, or your face.

It is often advisable to seek assistance from your dentist first, who may advise you to see an endodontist for treatment. Endodontists are actually tooth-saving specialists who have been trained helping you keep your natural smile for a lifetime. They combine their knowledge and vast experience with superior technologies to ensure you receive the best care while preserving your natural teeth.

As mentioned, they aim to preserve your natural teeth. They liaise with your dentist and other dental specialists and together they will consider all treatment options to decide the best course of action tailored to restore your oral health.

Where to Find an Endodontist

If you are looking for an experienced and passionate endodontist in Perth, you can always ask your dentist to refer you to “TEETHBYTWO -Endodontist Perth” for your root canal treatment. Call practice on (08) 6118 1405, text us today on 0406 053 768 or contact us via email at reception@teethbytwo.com to book your appointment so we can assist you with your dental care needs right away.