Wisdom tooth with three separate curved roots

🟢 If I had to pick one part in my work that really makes me happy, it would be my patients’ root filling sessions.

🟢 Looking at the final radiograph, I want to stop the earth from spinning and get all of you to look at my artwork in the roots. Root canals are completely filled to the end of the root, nothing is extruded from the end and they are not even a tiny bit short. The root filling material is also compact and there is no visible void.

🟡 Now, let me share a secret with you.

🎨 I have always been drawn to art. I remember spending my childhood and teenage times, drawing and painting in quiet afternoons while my mom was working on her embroideries. I sat next to her and spread all my drawing papers around her to ask her opinion about them.

👩‍🎓 When i started studying in the dental school, I realized that I am in the right place. I could use my perfect photographic memory to remember all anatomical details of a tooth crown. Moreover, I could visualize all those details when I wanted to rebuild a fractured tooth. That was my unique gift applied in dentistry, which were simply originated from my childhood hobbies.

👩‍🎓 When I prepare a final report for my referring dentist, I put some X-Rays before and after root canal treatments. These images illustrate my respect to normal anatomy of the root canals, which should be maintained while getting cleaned in the process of the root canal treatment.

❓ Let me know what you think about the X-Rays in this post. Do you see a tooth dancing?💃

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