Root Canal Treatment and Sedation

🟢 What I do as an endodontist mainly involves performing complex root canal treatments.

🟢 General dentists usually refer their patients to me. This is because those patients require me to provide them with the best care possible for their complicated treatments, some of which are teeth with additional root canals, severe curvature of the roots or blocked and calcified root canals. Other patients might need specific techniques to control their gag reflex or delaying with limited mouth opening which makes access to the teeth very difficult.
However, there are some other patients who need specialist care to be able to cope with their anxiety, regardless of the level of complexity for their root canal treatments.

👉 For such patients, a conscious sedation session will be arranged, in which they will go into a light sleep while I perform their root canal treatment.

👆 Watch this reel to know more about root canal treatment with sedation. Please ask as many questions as you like in comments below if you need to know more. 🤗.

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