Broken instrument bypass

❤️ Have you heard about “bypass surgery”? It is a kind of heart surgery, which saves your life. Your heart doesn’t only pump the blood, it needs blood to be able to work. When heart supplying blood vessels are blocked, your surgeon might recommend heart surgery to bypass the blocked vessels to your heart. Therefore, your heart can have enough oxygen for its function.

🦷 In endodontics, bypass has other meaning. Your tooth has roots and root canals, which might have been blocked by a broken instrument during root canal treatment. How and why?

👉 Let me explain more. During root canal treatment, your dentist or your endodontist uses metallic instruments to clean and shape the root canals. If these instruments break inside a root canal, the broken segment will block the way to the end of the root. If the pathway to the end of your root canal is not cleaned, your root canal might get infected in future. To prevent re-infection of your root canals, your endodontist can bypass the broken instrument through making a small way next to it and go further deeply inside the root canal to the end. (It is like driving carefully to the shoulder of a road and going back to the road again when there is a blockage on the road, and you avoid hitting it.)

❤️/🦷 Even though there are differences between what your heart surgeon does, in bypass surgery to save your life, to what your endodontist does when he/she bypasses a broken instrument blocking your root canal; your endodontist saves your tooth, and it will change your life. When you save your natural tooth, the expenses are lower as opposed to other dental treatments. If you lose your tooth and the gap is not filled, you cannot chew, your smile is not perfect, and your life is completely changed to the worst.

❓ Do you need more reasons to save your teeth by seeing an endodontist? We are all fully trained to help you and your dentist. So, what are you waiting for?

🟢 Ask as many questions as you like in the comment section. And I’ll be more than happy to explain more if you need. 🤗

And, …
👩‍👧‍👦 Happy Mother’s Day. 🌹

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