1001 EndoNightStories-Night 9

Have you forgotten me?
I am back after a long absence. As some of you might know, I was working on my personal website. I appreciate all your DMs and calls while I was not active here. Every comment encouraged me to hurry up and finish the work. Well, the website still needs more time and content. But I needed to leave it now and come back to you.
Tonight’s story is about a lovely gentleman, who showed up at his root filling session, complaining that there is a sharp object inside his mouth. Before even me looking inside his mouth, he added that he has recently had his wisdom tooth removed and he thinks that a part of the wisdom tooth is still inside his gum.

I looked and didn’t see anything. But, when I touched the area, I found it. A small SHARP (REALLY sharp) object was poking out of his oral mucosa on the lingual side of the extracted third molar adjacent to his tongue. I numbed the area, and a small, sequestered bone was retrieved!

And, I finished his root canal treatment. Another successful mission completed, and another smile was brought to my patient’s face.

Ps. The music’s name is “Bug” by Czar Donic from Epidemic Sound.

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