1001 EndoNightStories-Night 8

🤢 …ALONE!!

Do you have a gag reflex whenever you brush your back teeth? Is your mouth small? Did your dentist say that your tongue is super strong, and it seemed to be a little bit wide at the back?

🙂 Well, you are not A L O N E!

Many people might have one or all of these.

👻 On my dental chair, I can add a quick hand maneuver or bring on a simple distraction to what I do when I take an X-Ray from my patients. These make things easier for both of us. I have developed some specific skills throughout past two decades, which are my secrets. Many dentists have these tricks which help you to have a more comfortable treatment session with them.

🌓 Tonight’s story is about a young gentleman who came to see me as his dentist couldn’t finish his root canal treatment. He said that the tooth was located at the very back and it was difficult for his dentist to work on the tooth as the access to the tooth was very limited.

👩‍⚕️ As endodontists, we had special training to gain skills for working in very tiny spaces with ultimate precision along with delivering outmost perfection.

👉 Watch the above short video and see how beautifully this root canal treatment completed despite a gag reflex, a wide tongue and limited mouth opening. All thanks to my lovely patient who gave me this opportunity.

🌙 Have a good night.

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