1001 EndoNightStories-Night 6

🚨 Do not be late.

🌙 Tonight’s story is about time. Time is so critical, especially when it comes to saving your tooth.

🔶 I saw a lovely lady in June 2018 for initial consultation, however, she failed to attend the emergency slot that we arranged for her. She came back after one month and apologized that she missed her appointment. I looked inside her mouth and noticed that one of the two “endo” teeth is missing.

😢 Apparently, that tooth was badly broken and she had to attend emergency department of a hospital to remove it.

👍 She requested an early appointment for the other tooth and we started her treatment as early as we could and successfully completed her root canal treatment afterwards.

💯 She told me that she made a terrible mistake when she thought that she can come later and there would be still time for her to save her tooth.

👉 If you have been referred to see an endodontist, don’t postpone your appointment until you are in pain or a piece of your tooth fractures.

See one of us immediately. 💝

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