1001 EndoNightStories-Night 5

😊 Here comes another weekend.

✨ Tonight, I am going to share a story of a gentleman, who had been told that his tooth was not worth it to be saved.

✨ He came to see me for a short consultation and insisted on having my opinion without doing an exam. He only wanted me to look at his radiographs, a collection of many, and tell him whether there is a crack in the tooth or not. He thought that the tooth cannot be saved and he was very apprehensive to do something to save his tooth.

👉 Obviously, it was a difficult case as he had seen other dentists and got confused with the mixed messages. Every dentist had done a simple limited exam and took an X-Ray. Then, some of them said that the tooth should be removed as there was a deep gum infection in behind its back root.

👩‍⚕️ As an endodontist, I started with ensuring him that he is finally in the right place and I am specifically trained to tell him whether he can keep his tooth or remove it.

😇 After finishing off his root canal treatment, he told me how grateful he was to find an endodontist.

👉 He wanted me to tell you all that: ” If you are in doubt, see an endodontist.” I think this was the best message that he could send to all of you.

🥱 Have a peaceful night.

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