1001 EndoNightStories-Night 4

🟢 Have you had a good day so far?

🎁 I want to dedicate this story to people inflicted by complications of memory loss.

🧠 Our brain is a complex organ that controls thought, memory, emotion, touch, motor skills, vision, breathing, temperature, hunger and every process that regulates our body.

👉 With a weight less than three pounds, human brain is always in control to keep us alive, functional, stable and confident. The human brain’s memory capacity in the average adult can store trillions of bytes of information, even though a highly intelligent person is using only 10 percent of his/her brain capacity.

🤷‍♂️ But, if this essential part lack maintaining or processing information, memory loss conditions will come to the picture.

‼️ Memory changes can be as a result of aging, dementia (including Alzheimer’s disease, the most common cause of dementia) and some temporary memory changes by taking drugs, alcohol or even mild emotional and physical trauma.

💔 Memory loss is nasty, scary and debilitating. It can happen to me and you too.

🦷 Tonight’s lovely patient showed up one week earlier to her change of dressing appointment. The girls in the front told her that her appointment was not on that day. She apologised and seemed embarrassed, trying ti call her husband to pick her up. From her medical history, I knew that she has some kind of memory changes due after a brain surgery to remove a tumour. So, I asked her to stay and we squeezed her between patients on that day. I couldn’t imagine that she might go home and overthink about her condition. I couldn’t think how much impact that small confusion might have on her mind.

💝 Take care and be kind to yourselves and your loved ones.

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