1001 EndoNightStories-Night 3

😇 Welcome to tonight’s story: “Shadow of the 15”.

🦷 As endodontists, we answer many questions about root canal treatment. While many patients ask whether they will have pain during the treatment, there are others, who are worried about its side-effects or complications afterwards, like tonight’s patient.

🎤 The shadow of the 15 is a story of a stunning young lady, who sings in an orchestra in one of the most famous concert halls in Perth, Western Australia. She rang the practice before her first appointment and wanted to know whether she can sing in the orchestra that night after her treatment with me or not. Well, I thought about it and discussed with her how we can choose other choices of local anaesthesic solutions to make her comfortable and pain-free on my chair with minimum long-standing numbness after her session. and, we also made some phone calls to move her appointment to an earlier time on that day.

🙏 Thanks to other patients, who supported her and us after we explained why we want to change their times, we could get her in earlier. Thus, we finished her treatment before noon, to make sure that she can have enough time for rest, lunch, dress up and rehearsal before the actual show.

🟢 On the root filling session, she was very happy to see that the root canal treatment worked and there is no sign of a “SHADOW” around the root of her 15.

👥 Do you know what that shadow is? Many people think that a periapical radiolucency is an infection, while it actually is an inflammatory reaction of the bone around a root in response to the presence of bacteria inside the root canal. if it gets infected, you might have swelling, pus getting formation and other symptoms.

👂🏻 Psst. Have you noticed that I did not remove the crown? >>>> It was new.

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