1001 EndoNightStories-Night 2

🌙 Tonight’s story has a countdown. Are you ready?

⬇️ 3,2,1, here they come.

👉 The story starts when I saw this nice gentleman, who works far away from his family.

⛏ There are some mines in the state that I live in, which have camps for engineers and workers to stay in sites, while they work on their projects.
These highly skilled people call themselves “FIFO”, which stands for “Fly In Fly Out.” ✈️

👷‍♂️ I can imagine how hard this type of work arrangements is for my patient and his family. However, he had a beautiful wide smile and nice attitude every time he came to see me for his treatments.

🦷 I completed his root canal treatments in two sessions, when there was remarkable reduction in sizes of periapical radiolucencies, demonstrating that the healing process has started.

🙂 I was very happy with his results. when I told him, he was very grateful. Do you know what I replied back to him?

🤗 Well, I said: ” Thank you, but, you should really thank your own immune system.”
When I explained how bone around the roots will be rebuilt when the root canal treatment had favorable outcome, I explained to him that the only thing that his endodontist did was to remove “the cause of the problem.”

❓What do you think “CAUSE OF THE PROBLEM IS” in endodontics?

👇 Comment below and let us discuss.

🥱 See you tomorrow night. Do not let the bed bugs bite.

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