1001 EndoNightStories-Night 1

🟢 I have a juicy secret to share with you.

👉 Many of you saw my ad story today and some of you wondered what “1001 case stories” would be. For those who are not familiar, the 1001-night-story is a series of stories, which greatly inspired many people all around the world. The beautiful imaginary adventurous stories mysteriously amused a king every night and kept a creative attractive storyteller alive one more night for 1001 nights and more.

🌙 From tonight, I am going to share my cases here in a format of a series of night stories. Every case/tooth will have a name and the music of every short clip of that case will be carefully selected to be compatible with name of the tooth.

1️⃣ Tonight is the first night and the story is about a dreamy tooth number 26. Why?!!! You will find out soon.

🦷 A dreamy 26 belongs to a gorgeous beautiful lovely lady, who came to see me some time ago. She needed her tooth to be treated, however, she wanted to be sedated.

Watch tonight’s clip and stay tuned for tomorrow’s night story.

❤️ I hope that you fall in love with my night stories like what happened to the king of 1001-night-story.

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