HealthDay (7/8, Preidt) reports, “Tooth loss is tied to an increased risk of dementia,” according to researchers who “analyzed 14 studies that included more than 34,000 older adults and nearly 4,700 with diminished thinking (‘cognitive function’) skills. The researchers “found that adults with more tooth loss had 1.48 times the risk of developing impaired thinking and a 1.28 times increased risk of dementia.” The meta-analysis was published in the Journal of Post-Acute and Long-Term Care Medicine.

DrBicuspid (7/8, Madans) reports that the researchers also found a “dose response” between “losing a tooth and cognitive impairment, meaning a greater number of missing teeth was associated with a higher risk of cognitive decline.” Each “additional missing tooth carried a 1.4% increased relative risk of cognitive impairment and a 1.1% increased relative risk of being diagnosed with dementia.”

CNN (7/8, Kent) reports that “adults who experienced tooth loss were more likely to have cognitive decline if they did not have dentures, the new research also revealed.”

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