Most people have experienced a toothache at least once, making it one of the most common types of pain. Some toothaches happen over a short period, but others experience pain that lasts days or weeks. Regardless of the period, you should never ignore the pain and consider seeking professional help right away. Else, such pain can grow into a bigger problem later on.

However, certain types of pain are not necessarily considered an emergency. Fortunately, there are signs you should be on the lookout for so you would know if you need to call a dentist or not.

To know whether you are experiencing a dental infection, or feeling the impact of dental trauma or a cracked tooth, be constantly on the lookout for the following tell-tale signs we’ve listed below.

Moderate to severe tooth pain.

Many causes contribute to toothache. There are minor ones that can be caused by something stuck between your teeth, and they can also be caused by too much flossing.

But if the pain you feel does not go away and you think the problem could be deeper, such as a cavity reaching the pulp, you may want to have it checked with your dentist immediately.

Gums that are swollen.

Your gums can swell due to many reasons. It could be caused by a cut, an infection, swollen lymph nodes, or a gum disease you know nothing about.

So, schedule a checkup if you have swollen gums and do not remember getting hurt in the mouth. Consider the same action if the swelling doesn’t go down in a day or two. Ensure to inform your dentist when you start feeling the pain and the intensity of the pain you feel.

Gum diseases are associated with several systemic diseases, such as respiratory disease, chronic kidney disease, and cancer.

Gums that are bleeding.

Have you experienced brushing your teeth, and upon spitting out, there is blood? You potentially have gingivitis or gum disease.

As mentioned, gum diseases are linked to other diseases. This happens when the infection gets into the bloodstream. Even if a bleeding gum seems minor initially, you should see a dentist immediately if it keeps bleeding.

Painful mouth sores and spots.

Do you have sores and spots in your mouth that are getting worse? In most cases, it is linked to oral cancer. But to be sure, you need to go to a professional to have it checked and treated. Address the problem to a professional right away before it becomes an issue that is more complicated and costly.

Tight or stiff jaw.

You might have a Temporomandibular joint or TMJ if your jaws are tight or hurt when you move them. You will most likely have TMJ when the joint that connects the top and bottom jaws is swollen.

Other TMJ signs include facial pain, pain around one or both of your ears, and chewing difficulty. It would help if you considered getting emergency dental care immediately before the problem worsens.

Mouth has a metallic taste.

Do you taste metal in your mouth and have a dental filling? If so, it’s likely that the filling broke or came loose, which can lead to infections, which can be very bad for oral health.

You should call your dentist immediately if you feel a metallic taste in your mouth. These fillings might have fallen out, and if you don’t take care of a loose filling, it could hurt you.

Sudden toothaches.

Getting toothaches all of a sudden is a sign that something is wrong. Pain or discomfort you can’t figure out could be caused by gum disease or a dental infection, and the pain could be mild or terrible. Most toothaches can be treated with painkillers.

If the toothache lasts more than a few days, you should see your dentist immediately to diagnose it. Your dentist will check out the tooth and the area around it, and in some cases, they will even suggest you have it further checked by taking x-rays.

Sudden tooth loss.

Your tooth is perhaps the most durable structure of your body. But despite that, you can still lose it. Sure, it is alarming to lose your teeth, but if it is sudden, you should be worried about losing teeth for reasons other than an injury or accident.

Contact your local dentist once you have a loose or hanging tooth. They might be able to plant it again. Losing a tooth can make it hard to chew and change the way your face looks.

Teeth that are broken or cracked.

You can get emergency dental care if your tooth is broken or chipped. It can be excruciating when a permanent tooth is cracked or chipped and don’t be afraid to call your trusted dentist if the pain is unbearable. Even if a tooth is chipped, a dental specialist can save it in many ways.

It would be best if you went to the dentist right away as delays in treatment can lead to permanent tooth loss.

Get Emergency Dental Treatment at Teeth By Two

You should never self-diagnose; seeking a professional’s advice is ideal. So, if you have any of the listed signs above, you need emergency dental care immediately from your reliable dental treatment provider, such as Teeth By Two.