Why do I need an endodontist?

Endodontists specialize in diagnosing and treating complex causes of tooth pain. Tooth pain might be because of inflammation or due to an infection. Endodontists work to relieve dental pain, both inflammatory and infected related, which will give you the best chance to preserve your natural tooth. Endodontists are skilled in saving teeth — even severely damaged or decayed teeth.

On many occasions, your dentist can treat teeth, which need Root Canal Treatments. However, they might refer you to see an endodontist if:

  • they are not quite sure whether your tooth needs Root Canal Treatment,
  • they are not completely sure whether the tooth can be saved,
  • they cannot diagnose which tooth is responsible for the current pain or discomfort,
  • they cannot perform Root Canal Treatments themselves,
  • they do not have specialized equipment such as an operating microscope, CT machines and other specialised instruments and materials,
  • they have been trained in different specialty areas in dentistry,
  • they cannot complete a Root Canal Treatment after they started it.