Who is a endodontist?

A registered endodontist in Australia is a specialist dentist, who has had full-time additional studies in a university course by an education provider. This course should be approved by the Australian Dental Council (ADC), which is the principal organisation for approving, accrediting and re-accrediting of all dental courses in Australia. Programs allowing graduates to apply for registration as a dental practitioner with the Dental Board of Australia (DBA) are accredited by the ADC. There is a list of Accredited dental practitioner programs in both the ADC and the DBA websites. You can see this list by clicking on the link below:


Your endodontist should have graduated from one of the programs listed in order to hold the specialist registration and to practice as a specialist dentist. You can check the register of your endodontist by clicking on the link below:


Please note that holding a certificate for attending a course or a diploma is not equivalent to holding a specialist degree. For example, your dentist might have completed a course with a college in the United Kingdom (UK), in which they are remotely supervised while they are practicing general dentistry in another country. These courses are not accredited in Australia. Other courses might have shorter durations of studies, such as a full-time one-year course, which again is not acknowledged by the DBA and ADC in Australia. Thus, the dentist’s registration with the Dental Board of Australia will remain as “GENERAL”. According to the law, these dentists must not call themselves to be specialists, instead of it they can refer themselves as “dentist with special interest”.