What to expect in your first session?

In your first session with me, you will be informed about what your dentist mentioned in his or her referral letter to me. Commonly, they have mentioned a brief history of you including your contact number and your home address, if there is anything prominent related to your general health and medications that you might be regularly taking, your current dental problem with pointing at the specific tooth or teeth that they want my opinion about them or they want me to treat.

It is always a good idea to bring a current list of medications with you. Some pharmacies will recommend an application, in which you can login and order your regular prescriptions with them. If you have downloaded these apps, there will be no need to write them down.

In most occasions, you like that I start your treatment on the consultation day. For this to happen, please do not forget to bring your private health insurance with you. The actual card is necessary as it needs to be put into a special card reader machine to get an estimate on how much of the cost of the treatment can be covered by your insurance company. As with the medication list, some private health insurance companies have an application, which can be downloaded on your phone and all the claiming process can be easily done through it. Please let the receptionist know if you are with one of these companies.

Nightguards and mouthguards: please bring your nightguard or your mouthguard to your appointment as we might need to check the fit of these at the end of our session.

A quick note on the cost of the treatment. Please kindly note that your proposed treatment plan is an estimate, which usually has maximum cost to it. In many situations, the treatment is not completed in one session. Thus, the number at the bottom of the page is not supposed to be paid at once. In the specialist practice, we tend to deal with complicated teeth having large inflammations around them, which needs several sessions to change the medication inside the root. Therefore, your treatment cost is scattered through multiple sessions. This arrangement not only has proven outcome with making sure that the tooth is responding well to our treatment, but also it gives you a good levy to pay the total cost as you go. If the filling on top of the tooth is stable, there is no rush to finish the root canal treatment especially when there is no change in the size of the inflammation around the end of your roots.