Dentists refer patients to endodontists if they foresee any complications with the root canal procedures. Sometimes, they had already started a root canal treatment, however, they cannot finish the treatment. In other situations, they are uncertain about which tooth might be responsible for pain and problems which a patient has, or they might suspect that the origin of the problem might be a non-dental issue. In some other cases, they had completed a root canal treatment, however, patient’s problems persist, or the tooth might need to be re-treated. 

In all the above cases, state-of-the-art dental equipment will enable endodontists to better understand your dental issues and provide the best care possible. Many endodontic practices in Perth have operating microscopes, which enable the endodontist to easily find missed root canals, negotiate blocked ones and reveal hidden cracks inside a tooth structure. A few endodontic practices in Perth have a CBCT scan machine, which can take three-dimensional scans from a tooth onsite, while others have normal X-Ray machines which can take two-dimensional X-Rays of a tooth. This can still provide valuable information for the endodontists, however, the value of having a 3D scan of a tooth from inside the bone is increasingly getting recognized.