Pain-free RCT, myth or fact?

You might have heard about pain free dentistry or pain-free endodontics and you might wonder whether it is possible or not. You might even have doubts about it considering your or your friends’ experiences. Pain-free endodontic treatment is ideal, and your endodontist has been trained for performing it through gaining more skills with administering the injections for getting the area numb, using different techniques and materials in order to achieve longer numbness and modern technologies to make the treatment procedure smoother and faster for you. Hence, you are in good hands and that is the reason you chose to have your treatment done by an endodontist.

He/she also knows how to deal with the tissues, which might have been inflamed or even infected in terms of using the appropriate medications to put inside the root canals or be taken by you in a way which relieves your pain especially when you were in pain beforehand.

You have been also instructed to call the friendly team, send instant messages through different routs of communications such as chat option in the website, sending messages to Instagram pages and so on should you have any concerns. However, you will be asked to call the surgery if you have unexpected severe pain or swelling, in that case you will be seen ASAP.