I have booked my first appointment. What is done in this appointment?

In your first appointment in our clinic, you might have only requested to have a consultation. In this situation, your endodontist will read the referral letter, which your dentist sent to us. They will also look at your previous X-Rays. In the examination session, your endodontist might need to take another X-ray, a specialised scan ( CT or CBCT) or some photos from your tooth/teeth. Then, they will be able to make the diagnosis, give you a treatment plan and the cost of your specialist treatment.

This appointment can be 30-50 minutes depending on the procedures which might be needed. After the consultation session is finished,

  • you might need to see your dentist if the tooth cannot be saved. Then, your dentist will arrange time for you to remove the tooth. He/she will also advise you further what replacement options you will have,
  • you might need to see another specialist if your pain or discomfort is not related to a tooth.
  • You might need to make another appointment to see your endodontist to start your Root Canal Treatment.

If other occasions, you might have requested to have both consultation and treatment. In this session, your endodontist will again consult with you and explain the steps involved in the treatment. This appointment is usually longer, which is usually called Endodontic investigation.