How much does a root canal treatment with an endodontist cost in Perth?

The cost of the Root Canal Treatment is higher with an endodontist compared. In Australia, the cost of a specialist treatment is around 20-30 percent higher in a specialist practice, however, many different factors are considered by your endodontist when they give you a treatment plan with its cost. For example, number of roots/ root canals will affect the cost of root canal treatment as I will take more time to finish root canal treatment for a 4 rooted tooth compared to a single rooted tooth.

The complexity of a treatment will also affect the cost of a treatment. In many cases, there is a reason why your dentist referred you to see an endodontist. The main reason is the treatment cannot be completed by them due to any or a combination of these factors:

  • calcified/blocked root canals,
  • severely curved roots,
  • limited mouth opening,
  • persistent pain or discomfort during or after sessions,
  • large and long-standing inflammation/infection of a tooth,
  • a broken instrument or an accidental error inside the tooth,
  • inability to achieve good numbness especially in anxious patients
  • when aa tooth was root treated before
  • and when a tooth has a crown/cap.

When a treatment is more difficult to do, more time is spent by your Endodontist to work on your tooth, more instruments will be used, more treatment sessions might be required, higher level of expertise will be needed and so on. Thus, the treatment costs will be higher in accordance with these factors.

Another important aspect to consider is when the same treatment is done by a dentist or even an endodontist in one session as opposed to when another dentist/endodontist recommends two or three treatment sessions. Single visit root canal treatment is not recommended by many endodontists around the world and in Australia. However, there are still endodontists who might believe in and perform a root canal treatment in one session. This will surely bring the cost of the treatment lower, however, it might affect the outcome and success of the treatment as well. Even though you might think that single visit root canal treatment is faster, cheaper and might be because a dentist or an Endodontist is more skilled or has better instruments, you would not want your treatment to be rushed, bacteria or decay left behind or you end up having an injury or infection in your mouth. Unfortunately, an infection might take as long as 2-5 years to develop in your jaw bone, thus you might not have any symptoms of inflammation or infection after a single visit root canal treatment for a while and you might think that the treatment worked. However, the tooth will most probably get infected again. In some situations, you will lose your tooth eventually. One good example is when an old crown or filling is not removed, hence decay or cracks are left hidden beneath the filling or under a crown. The tooth will definitely get infected again in such cases.

Even though many people think that Root Canal Treatment is expensive, it might be cheaper than extraction and a three-unit bridge to replace the missed tooth. It might be also cheaper than extraction followed by an implant and its crown. With root canal treatment, you will have more chances to keep your natural tooth.

A note for private health insurance (HBF, HIF, HCF, BUPA, MEDIBANK,…): cost of a root canal treatment is calculated by adding the cost of each item numbers before a private health insurance cover is assessed. If you have a good insurance cover for major dental and you have not used it in the current year, you would like to ask your endodontist in the consultation session to give you an itemized plan.

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