How does an endodontist compare to a dentist? – What kind of training do they receive?

All endodontists are dentists, healthcare providers who diagnose and treat oral health conditions. But less than 3% of dentists receive the extra training to become endodontists. An endodontist is just one type of dental specialist:

  • Endodontist: A dental specialist who diagnoses and treats conditions affecting the inside of your teeth.
  • Periodontist: A dental specialist who treats the tissues surrounding your teeth, like your gums and jawbone.
  • Orthodontist: A dental specialist who straightens your teeth and aligns your bite.
  • Oral surgeon: A dental specialist who performs complex surgery on your teeth, gums or jawbone. Oral surgeons include maxillofacial surgeons, who remove wisdom teeth.

What kind of training does an endodontist receive?

In Australia, there are many programs for training a dentist. While some of them offer a direct pathway, the other ones can give credits to bachelor’s degrees in other fields after fulfilling the prerequisites of the dentistry course to enter it. These dental courses are like post-graduate masters, which takes about four years to complete. After dental school, an endodontist receives 3 full years of focused dental training, a DCD course. During this time, endodontists study techniques to diagnose and treat endodontic that affects tissues inside your teeth