Australian dental specialists. The Washington Post (8/6, Chiu) reported, “It is not a violation of the oft-cited HIPAA federal privacy law to ask” dental specialists or other healthcare professionals “if they are vaccinated.” The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission “noted in a guidance that the Americans With Disabilities Act requires employers to maintain the confidentiality of employee medical information, including whether they’ve received a coronavirus vaccine.” In most cases, this guidance means that “an employer who is asked whether individual employees are vaccinated cannot answer that question.” But “the fact that an employer can’t disclose information doesn’t mean” people are barred from asking dental specialists or healthcare professionals and others “directly about their vaccination status.” If asked about their vaccination status, healthcare professionals “should answer honestly, experts said,

In a consumer-focused article, TODAY (8/11, Pawlowski) stated, “With coronavirus infections surging again, the biggest question people may have during their everyday interactions with others is ‘Are you vaccinated for COVID-19?'” According to the article, “Experts say it’s perfectly sensible to inquire,” and it’s not a HIPAA violation to do so. Diane Gottsman, founder of The Protocol School of Texas, “suggested asking well in advance” of a dental appointment, “either by phone, email or text,” so a decision doesn’t have to be made “on the spot whether to stay” or leave.”