My philosophy

I respect the role of immune system in prevention and treatment of dental diseases. In my opinion, the major role of immune system is far more important than whatever I do as a specialist dentist when it comes to the outcome of the Root Canal Treatment (RCT). It is correct that I remove the actual causes of dental inflammation and dental infections, however, it is my patient’s body that will take care of healing the site of inflammation and infection. Having said that, it is my ultimate mission to achieve the best results of whatever I do inside my patient’s tooth to remove and kill as many microbes as I can, in order to give their bodies the best chance to begin and continue the process of healing.

In order to achieve this goal, I will take all aspects of infection control, correct diagnosis through history taking, removal of decay and faulty fillings and microbial content inside the root canals and placing a proper filling between and after the RCT is complete along with periodic reviewing into consideration. My proposed treatment plans always consider my patients’ best interest, which ensures a long-term favorable outcome of the overall treatment. Through this, I value the reputation of myself, the referring dentists and my whole profession.